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JP started working with Travelmation LLC in 2018.  His interests are pretty broad, he cooks, he travels, he meditates every day, he bends himself into strange yoga shapes, and thrashes out to heavy metal on his guitar….and he does them all pretty dang good! Needless to say, when JP finds an interest, he dives deep into it and strives to be the best at whatever his new undertaking may be. His love for researching, planning, and hacking travel has led him all over the world including, the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney!


With each Disney trip being completely different, filled with wonder, exploration, and magic, it has kept JP constantly coming back for more. JP’s knack for researching naturally drew friends and family to use him as a valuable resource for any upcoming travel plans. If you spend your time thinking about where you want to travel next next or are dreaming of a new adventure, JP is here to help you make Magical Memories for years to comes! 

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