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jose gonzalez

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Jose Gonzalez grew up in a family that instilled the love of travel in him from a young age. Originally born in Lima, Peru and an immigrant to this country, Jose spent much of his childhood visiting Peru and road tripping all over the US with his family. Throughout his middle school and high school years he took several trips to Mexico and the Caribbean. In college and into adulthood he has traveled all over Europe and continued to explore the beautiful US of A.


Jose has a special love for all things Disney but will take any opportunity he can to travel just about anywhere. In 2014 he started a job that required travel. Since that time, he has been to almost every state in the country and has experienced a little bit of everything.


Jose has always been the designated travel planner when traveling with friends and family. He has planned solo trips, couples trips for he and his wife, family vacations and trips with friends. He has particular knowledge and experience of Mexico, Aruba, Europe, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Savannah, New Orleans, New York City, Colorado, California, and more!


In recent years he has helped plan entire trips for friends who seemed at a loss for how to go about planning their vacations. These friends had such a great time on their trips due to Jose’s planning that they encouraged Jose to look into becoming a travel agent. In late 2022, Jose took the leap and decided to become an Independent Travel Consultant for Travelmation! He could not be more thrilled to be part of this amazing company and is so excited to help you plan incredible vacations that will help you create magical memories for you and your loved ones.

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