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jordan legg

Jordan Legg.jpeg

Jordan Legg began his journey as a Travelmation Travel Agent in September of 2023. He has always been interested in travel and has a passion for helping others in whatever way he can, including planning their dream vacation!


Jordan has traveled with his wife and daughter to several destinations over the years, with Walt Disney World being their absolute favorite destination. He enjoys spending time with his family and aims to help others plan awesome adventures so that they can have quality family time as well.


Jordan has been serving as a minister for 15 years in southern West Virginia. He has an incredible heart for people and looks forward to continuing his work in helping others in whatever way he can.


Jordan chose to join Travelmation after hearing the founder, Adam Duckworth, talk about the amazing community the agents who work for Travelmation have as well as the relationships that have been built with clients. Travelmation has been everything he expected it would be and so much more!


Jordan has completed several trainings to help serve potential clients in many different ways, including: Disney, Universal, Royal Caribbean, Travelmation’s Groups certification, and much more!

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