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Jodi Jawor joined Travelmation in the Fall of 2022 in the hopes to help other couples and families plan amazing vacations.  Jodi loves to travel and she loves to research vacation destinations.  Her  current love is cruising.  Jodi and her husband love to cruise!  They have been on  many cruises in the last ten years.


Jodi  grew up in Northern Michigan but in August of 2020 her and her husband made the big move to South Florida.  Jodi  discovered her love for Disney with  her husband as they spent their honeymoon at Walt Disney World and stayed at the Polynesian Resort.  Through the years they vacationed at Walt Disney World with their two children many times.   Jodi  also traveled with her children to Universal Studios, Sea World, on Carnival cruises, and many family beach vacations to Florida.  Jodi has  also vacationed to Riviera Maya, Mexico to enjoy an  all-inclusive resort in Mexico with family & friends.


Currently, Jodi’s favorite cruise line is Celebrity Cruise Line.   She has been on many Celebrity cruises.  She is hoping to experience different cruise lines now that she lives in South Florida.  


Jodi’s favorite cruise/vacation was a two week trip to Italy, Spain and France in July of 2022.  Jodi and her husband cruised on the Celebrity Edge.   Some of the highlights of this cruise were traveling to Rome, Pisa, Florence, Cannes,France and ending the vacation with a four day stay in Barcelona, Spain.  It was a wonderful experience and a vacation that I will never forget.


When Jodi is not traveling and spending time with my family, she works as a computer helpdesk technician at a local school.  Jodi also enjoys reading, gardening, biking and taking walks on the beach.  She has a passion for helping people, planning and traveling. 

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