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Jenny markle

Jenny Markle.jpg

Jenny simply loves people and she learned early in life that travel both enhances and enriches that love in more ways than one.  Her favorite way to travel is on a cruise ship, but she has spent a lot of her adult life exploring the continental United States with her spouse of over ten years.  Their shared interests in history, food, filming locations, and craft beer has lead them to visit over a third of the states with a goal of visiting all fifty.  


A trip to Universal Studios in Orlando brought back a lot of nostalgia and inspired her to take the next steps to join Travelmation.  She was already a frequent resource for friends and family in their trip planning processes and uses both her knowledge and joy for life to compliment her clients' experiences.


Favorite trip: Boston, Massachusetts to Bangor, Maine road trip
Dream trip: Alaskan Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas
Favorite US city for film, food, beer and history: Charleston, SC

Favorite Theme Park ride: Jurassic World Velocicoaster in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

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