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jay freitas

Jay Freitas.jpeg

Jay Freitas started as a Travel Agent in July of 2023, but is certainly not new to travel, having an immense amount of miles under his belt (whether by air, land, or sea). Jay was always intrigued by the idea of becoming a travel agent and, after listening to the ImagineEars podcast, he realized that being a Travel Agent is truly his calling. Helping people, in all different capacities, is a real passion of Jay’s. With an extensive history of working with those on the Autism Spectrum and those with Down Syndrome, he also wanted to turn this passion of supporting others into that of helping people travel.  

As a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable fan of the Walt Disney Company. Not only is Walt Disney World his favorite place to visit on vacation, having been numerous times, but he has also earned his certificate from the College of Disney Knowledge. An expertise of all things Disney (from booking hotels, to dining, to Disney cruises, and, of course, the Disney parks). Jay and his wife, Jenny, both love Disney so much it was the inspiration for the theme of their wedding and their daughter’s nursery.

Jay has a real passion for the travel business. Also earning his Bachelors of Adventure from Royal Caribbean, Jay loves the ever-changing and always growing nature of the industry. Jay is detail oriented, deeply knowledgeable, caring, and has hands-on experience with booking numerous trips with not only Disney, but many other places as well. 

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