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jay freitas

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Jay Freitas was always intrigued by the idea of becoming a travel agent and, after listening to the ImagineEars podcast, he realized that being a travel agent is truly his calling. Helping people, in all different capacities, is a real passion of Jay’s. He earned his credentials, by the IBCCES board, as a Certified Autism Travel Professional. This certificate allows Jay the opportunity to assist those with intellectual and physical disabilities plan and book the vacation that they’ve always dreamed of. Jay has also been working with those on the Autism Spectrum and those with Down Syndrome since 2009. Jay truly wants to turn this passion of supporting others into that of helping all people travel.

Jay is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable fan of the Walt Disney Company. Not only is Walt Disney World his absolute favorite place to visit on vacation, but he has also earned his certificate from the College of Disney Knowledge. Jay is an expert in all things Disney (from booking hotels, to dining, to Disney cruises, and, of course, the Disney parks).

Jay is striving to be at the very top of his game and has also earned the Luxury certificate through Travelmation, as well. As a luxury traveler, you really do become the master of your own adventure. With such perks as V.I.P. experiences, private groups, and a list of amenities that truly give that “wow” factor! With this certification, Jay is able to offer all of this and more to his clients.  

Convenience should be synonymous with the word "travel" and that is precisely what Jay offers to you. Saving time and expert guidance will be yours, as he will not only set everything up, but he is here for you (through phone, email, and video chat) to make sure you experience the very most from your vacation.

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