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hailey grimshel

Hailey Grimshel.jpg

I recently started this travel agent journey. I have always had a love for travel. I remember when I was still just a young little girl all of my favorite memories were whenever we all loaded up the cars and headed on vacation. My family was and is very big. We took trips together every summer, now that I am older we still do the same. I have always loved helping others. Now that I am older I wanted to combine the two and start helping people make memories with their family like I did when I was little. This dream of becoming a Travel Agent came into my head about a year ago. I had gone to Walt Disney World with special needs children and seeing their faces light up when they got to see the parks was the best feeling. Knowing that almost half of the kids would never get to see it again. This put the thrive in me to want to help families that think planning is too stressful at ease with just one phone call away.

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