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frank johnston

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Ever since I can remember, traveling has always been something I admired. When I was a child and through my adolescent years I went on many trips with my family all over the country. As early adulthood came into the picture, I decided to move from my small hometown in Michigan to Seattle, WA. Since then, I have moved 14 times and have lived in six different towns and cities, currently residing in Florida. Through all this movement, I gained a litany of knowledge about myself and the ever changing world around me. Adventure through travel can teach us valuable life lessons and can be the source of everlasting memories.

Because the planning involved can make traveling seem arduous, booking with me will make the experience feel light and easy. I am equipped with all the tools necessary to get you where you want to be in the most efficient and cost effective way. Time is of the essence and I pull no punches when it comes to maximizing your time for vacation, special occasions, or business. I roll up my sleeves and use a little extra elbow grease for my clients to see that their travel experience is as smooth, seamless, and streamlined as possible. As your travel agent, no more will you need to sweat the small stuff when it comes to your next excursion.

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