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Emily Morales

Emily Morales.jpg

Ever since she was a little girl (like, “in-baby-carrier” little), the magic of Disney has been present in Emily's life - she’s gone every single year (multiple times...) since then! While she’s a huge fan of all things Mickey, she also has a deep love for travel & experiencing new and exciting adventures. Emily’s grateful to have had the privilege of traveling all over the world, & she can't wait to share that spark with others. When she’s not galavanting across the globe, you'll find her doing some of her other favorite things: listening to a true-crime podcast, playing the latest Nintendo game, or spending time with her family as they catch up over a cup (or 3) of café con leche.

Emily is originally from Miami, FL. But currently lives in Gainesville, FL, with her pet bird, Buckbeak (& yes, she DOES look like a Hippogriff!)

Favorite Resort: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Favorite Attraction: Hollywood Tower of Terror
Favorite Snack: Caramel & Peanut Apple, Candy Cauldron

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