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dawn norman

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I’m Dawn Norman, your go-to Independent Travel Consultant with Travelmation, a Travel Leaders Network Affiliate Agency and an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. I’m located in Lynchburg, Virginia but I help clients all over the world. I try to inspire clients to embrace adventure, savor every moment, and let the journey fill their soul. Let me help turn your travel dreams into reality! 


Here are a few fun facts to get to know me better:


1. Outdoor Enthusiast: I love spending time outdoors, whether it’s hiking scenic trails, taking a leisurely walk, riding a longboard down the street or enjoying a game of ball with friends.


2. Passionate Traveler: Exploring new places and foods with my kids or my friends fuels my wanderlust. From spontaneous road trips to planned getaways, every adventure becomes unforgettable when shared with great company. I’m dedicated to helping you experience the world’s wonders firsthand. 


3. New Journey: While I’m just starting out on this exciting journey as an Independent Travel Consultant, my dedication to crafting personalized itineraries and finding the best deals for your dream getaway is unmatched.


4. Single Mom Extraordinaire: Being a single mother, family adventures are always on the agenda. Whether it’s exploring a new city or enjoying outdoor activities, we make the most of every moment together!


5. Food & Drink Enthusiast: A good cup of coffee fuels my passion for travel planning, while a fine glass of wine or whiskey is my go-to for celebrating life’s adventures. I love trying local favorites wherever I travel.


6. Dog Lover: I’m also a proud dog lover with several furry companions! They bring endless joy and laughter to my life.


7. Education Enthusiast: Apart from travel, I hold a Masters degree and work as a Student Services Specialist at a local university. Helping others achieve their goals is my passion!


Follow my page for travel inspiration, insider tips, and unbeatable deals. Let’s embark on unforgettable journeys together!

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