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Clara Rooks

Clara Rooks.jpg

Clara works in the tourism industry for her full-time job, but decided to expand her skills and become a travel agent for destinations! She is the happiest when she is sitting on the beach soaking in the sunshine while reading a book. She loves to go on cruises because you get to see so many different places in one trip. She has so many wonderful memories of traveling with her family and wants to be a part of helping others create those memories. When she isn't working or planning trips, you can find her spending time with family or hanging out with her husband and Goldendoodle, Sadie! Clara loves to drink coffee, get smoothies, go fishing with her husband and she enjoys distance running. 


Clara is here to walk you through you any trip from beginning to end. 


Favorite Snack: Buffalo Pretzels 

Favorite Resort: Sandals Ocho Rios

Favorite Attraction: Space Mountain

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