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christine naykki

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Hi! My name is Christine Naykki (pronounced nack-EE). I am a wife and busy mom of 3 who specializes in trips to Walt Disney World and all cruises, especially Royal Caribbean where I am Diamond status!

Thanks for my parents, I've been traveling since I was young. We went to places like Walt Disney World and New York City annually plus more exotic places like Hong Kong and Tokyo. They really sparked my love for travel! When I was 13, I went to Australia and New Zealand as a student ambassador and later in 8th grade, I explored Spain with my Spanish class.

In 2003, I met my husband, and in 2006, we went on our first Royal Caribbean Cruise together. They've held a special place in our hearts ever since as we were engaged, honeymooned, babymooned, and took our babies on their ships. But before we had those babies, we traveled to the literal end of the Earth on a Quark Antarctic Expedition. More than 2 decades and countless cruises later, we've passed on our love for travel, especially cruising, to our three energetic boys.

I love helping families, especially larger ones, navigate the challenges of traveling with five or more people. I also love helping anyone who wants to explore the world. I'll use my own personal experiences and those of the Travelmation travel agent network to find the perfect vacation for your style and budget!

Reach out so we can connect and share travel stories and photos while we plan your dream vacation together!

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