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cheryl fairfield

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Cheryl Fairfield has been dreaming of the title of Independent Travel Agent for more than 30 plus years.  She’s spent the last 30 plus years planning trips for family, mission teams, and helping plan and giving tips to friends to make their vacations more enjoyable. 

Her love of travel began her senior year of high school when she went on a 2-week immersive tour in Mexico with her Spanish teacher.   It was her first trip out of the USA, and she caught the travel bug for life!  It was this 4-city immersion into the local culture that ignited a desire to see MORE. For the next 30+ years, that is just what she did as the budget allowed. She has explored nearly all 50 states as an adult, enjoying lobster rolls on the shore of Maine, wild animal park tours in South California, and the fall hiking in the mountains of Sitka, Alaska. Family adventures have included several Mexican and Bahamian cruises. She and her husband particularly have enjoyed the Caribbean, they have shaken the sand off sandals at all-inclusive resorts on the beautiful beaches in Jamaica as well as exploring literally the entire island of Aruba with its wind-swept sugary white sand beaches and cactus in the hills.  

In 2004, on a family trip with her in-laws, she was introduced to the 'Happy Island" of Aruba.  It’s now her happiest of places and she visits at least twice a year.  Over those years, she has made many local friends and participated in local culture and real island culture to help you plan your own One Happy Island adventure.

She continues to explore the world with her husband, Scott.  In 2022, they relocated to The Emerald Coast in the panhandle of Florida because it had the beautiful white sand most like those in Aruba.  After a year plus of research, she is FINALLY pursuing a dream of travel planning with access to more in-depth information to help others plan memory lasting vacations.

As an avid runner, she adopted the tagline "sMILESnBlessings".   It’s really a lifestyle she pursues and strives to help others to follow, reminding them to always find “smiles" in the miles even if there are delays and road bumps along the way.

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