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casey rayborn

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Hi there! My name is Casey, and I am so excited to help you plan your dream vacation. Priding myself in my genuine love for helping people in the customer service industry for the last two decades, and a love for travel- especially all things Walt Disney World-I am happy to combine the two to help you plan your next adventure! 


Having a family of 6, I understand the ins and outs of accommodating a larger crowd. I’ve grown to love seeing new places from an early age thanks to my world traveling Grandparents -who always took us Grandkids to explore different places. I was that little girl in the mall who would want to go into a travel agency, and gaze through all of the travel brochures, and dream of all the places I could go! I always knew that I wanted to make sure that my own children got to see new places too- even if they weren’t even old enough to remember! 


My love for all things Disney and taking my own family to Walt Disney World over the years inspired me to help other families who also want to share this magical experience with their own family, but just don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming. I totally get that! That is where I come in to help! The better news? That I can also assist you with other vacations such as Universal, Cruises, All Inclusive Vacations, Hotel Stays, and Excursions, (to name a few!) -not just Disney Destinations! 


Did you know that using a travel agent is free? Yes- you tell me where you want to go, and what you envision your trip to be. You sit back, and I’ll do the rest! My goal is to plan the most magical, and unique vacation for you that tailors to your family. 


I would love to work along side you to help create your next adventure! 

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