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cally sanders

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Planning a Disney Vacation can get overwhelming.


There are so many choices and it can be difficult to feel like you are making the right choice. I have first hand knowledge and expertise of planning a trip for a large family of 9 as well as an intimate couples weekend. I have successfully planned trips for my large family, my mother-in-law week long trip (she survived and so did I), an anniversary trip for my husband and I, girls get away for me and my sisters, celebrated 1st, 21st and 50th birthdays with my family, a Disney Cruise, Disney Land and even a solo vacation to Disney World. At no extra cost I can help you plan and book all the special memory making choices.


Not interested in the Disney choice but still want to go to warm destinations? I have experiences in travel to multiple warm weather states and several Caribbean destinations. There are all inclusive resorts (my favorite), cruises with multiple destinations with sun and beaches!


More interested in adventure? I can help you out there as well! Connect with me and I will help you start ticking off the items on your travel bucket list!

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