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bonnie puckett

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Hi! My name is Bonnie Puckett.  I am a wife of 30 years, a mom to three and a grandmother to the most amazing three grandchildren ever! I am a Christian first and strive to put my best efforts into everything I do.  I was in the Medical field many years ago but when we were blessed with our children, I came home to be a homemaker and also cared for my mother.  We traveled as often as we could and I always loved exploring this amazing world around us.  After our kids were older, I cared for my grandchildren while my daughter and son in law worked and it was one of the biggest joys of my life.  This past year my daughter was able to come home to be a homemaker so I was left with alot of big decisions.


This past September my husband and I celebrated our 30 year anniversary and took an 11 day road trip to visit Niagara Falls and drove through many states. We also went to Long Island, New York and came back down to North Carolina. It was such an amazing trip. From visiting the Falls, boat rides which took us right up to the Falls for the most breathtaking views, to hiking, shopping, exploring new restaurants and taking in the sites in every state we stopped in.  After that, in January, we went with my daughters family to Disney for my granddaughters birthday. We tackled three parks in three days! It was exhausting and wonderful and so much fun.  


After these most recent two trips, this validated my absolute love for travel, whether its road trips, Disney, cruises, or just a hike through nature.  I had floated the idea over the years, especially after our cruise experiences, but never felt the time was right.  Now it was obvious that this is my time to build a wonderful business.  I can finally use  my love for travel and help other people find, book and experience their absolute dream vacations. Its a very exciting time for me.  


Why should you book through me? I will do my absolute best to find you the dream vacation you are seeking.  I have traveled Royal Caribbean three times, Carnival, two times, been to all Disney parks several times, different beaches and various other places. I would love to find your perfect destination.

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