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beth spivey

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Beth grew up in a military family, so traveling has been in her blood since birth! Because she watched her dad travel across the world at an early age, it always inspired her to do the same. After getting married and starting a family of her own, she continued to pass on the legacy of experiencing the world around us. Due to losing her husband unexpectedly, she only feels more of an urgency to “seize the moment” because we’re not promised tomorrow! It brings her great joy to help others live life with the ones you love most today.  


  • Are you a soon-to-be bride and groom looking to plan your honeymoon? Wedding planning causes enough stress, so let me help plan the first trip you take as husband and wife! 

  • Are you a family hoping to plan a trip that your family will never forget? I can help you book a “home away from home” and excursions to build those memories together. 

  • Are you recently retired, finding yourself with an empty nest and ready to see the world with your spouse? I’d love to help you fulfill the dreams you always had and finally get to do! 

  • Are you a widow like myself who would rather not travel alone? I’d love to create group trips to help connect you with other widows and still experience life after loss. 

Dream BIG, see the world, and seize the moment TODAY! 

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