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bethany herrera

Bethany Herrera.jpg

As a Minnesota resident born-and-bred in Alabama, Bethany is no stranger to hospitality. So, whether it is an arctic or tropical destination, she is a great supporter of travel and new experiences. There is a great world to be explored and we should take advantage of the beauty and excitement this world has to offer! Bethany loves that Travelmation's #1 goal is to assist you in leaving this world with memories, not dreams! 

Bethany became an agent to help support her family of six and to serve other families wanting to take time away with one another. While her family loves a great day in the parks, it was her love for world travel that has motivated her growth in the travel industry. Her first visit to Israel during college sparked a desire to learn and experience more cultures and destinations.

As a Travelmation agent, Bethany is most excited to work with you to plan your next adventure!  She would be honored to work with you. 

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