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angela wilson

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"The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.”


Hi, I am Angela. But I get called many different names… Angel, Ang, Mom, Mama, and Mommy when my girl really wants to butter me up. I am a 50 something single mom of a teenage daughter. We love to travel! From the time we took our first big trip together to Disney World when she was four to our latest cruise…we love going places and making memories.


My favorite vacation is a cruise vacation. Let’s face it, Moms don’t get a vacation even on vacation. A cruise is one vacation where Mom doesn’t have to cook, clean, or do laundry. It’s a true vacation for the ENTIRE family. 


Let me use my passion for travel, experience as a Mom, and knowledge as a travel consultant to help you design a dream vacation that will create memories you will carry with you always.


I specialize in Disney, Cruises, All-Inclusive vacations, and of course Family vacations.

If you’re single, a family without children, or want to go away on a trip without the kiddos… I have you covered there with Adult-only vacations. 


Now let’s go make some memories.

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