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Amy Thomasson

Amy Thomasson.jpg

Amy is a lifelong Hoosier who got bit by the travel bug on a trip to St Thomas. She was almost 36 years old before she saw the ocean for the first time and vowed she wouldn't let that happen to her two young boys. After planning a Disney trip, and then replanning after some pandemic-related issues, she took her boys on a magical Florida vacation that had so many unforseen things happen including rental car woes, lost luggage, a sick child, and even sitting for 4 hours on a plane that never left the ground. While on their trip, she realized she LOVED the actual planning portion of the trip, maybe even more than the traveling itself.

Amy has a background in healthcare, direct sales, and serving as an executive secretary, which included planning personal and business-related travel for over 12 employees and planning large corporate events. She very much has a type A personality, is detail-oriented, and loves Excel spreadsheets and Post-It notes. She is passionate about ensuring every last detail is taken care of. Leave the planning to her and enjoy your magical vacation!

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