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Hello and Welcome! Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Amber Blair, Independent Travel Consultant - Travelmation LLC. I'm a lover of people, great food, great cocktails, and all things travel! When you travel, you get to experience new cultures, take in beautiful, inspiring scenery, explore new adventures and quite often make new friends.

My love for travel began at an early age when my parents would take me and my sister on family trips every  summer.  Whether it was to California to see the ocean for the first time, Florida to discover the magic of Walt Disney World, or Canada to experience the beauty of Niagara Falls, these are memories I've kept with me and will remember forever.

When I got married and started my own family I wanted my kids to have the same memories and experiences I did as a child.  We have traveled many places as a family, with Disney World and Fort Myers Beach, Florida, being our favorite destination.  And when my husband and I can get away for a couple's trip we enjoy the eclectic vibe of Key West, Florida.

Whether you're searching for that perfect family vacation with excursions and adventure or looking for a couple's retreat to unwind and relax, I would love to help you find your dream destination.

My goal is always to provide my clients with worry free vacation planning and customer service that will enhance their experience, start to finish.

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