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alorea chodoba

Alorea Chodoba.jpeg

Alorea started with Travelmation LLC in March, 2021 to be able to share her love of travel. She began building travel memories at an early age with her parents and sisters and has always loved the thrill of exploring new locations, trying new food, and sharing experiences with friends and family. She believes that there is a trip for every reason and season!


Alorea specializes in family and group travel, and is certified through Travelmation in Group Travel and Luxury Travel. Her thorough nature and attention to detail ensure that your trip is smooth and memorable. She is most familiar with all inclusive resorts, cruises, land tours, and theme parks. 


Alorea is from Michigan and currency lives in the suburbs around Detroit with her husband, stepson and son. They enjoy travel as a family, as well attending sports games and exploring the city. 

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