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Accessible Travel

In 2023, Travelmation released its Accessibility Travel Certification for our Travel Agents. Many of our travel advisors have made the decision to expand their knowledge and become Accessible Travel Certified. These agents have been through training to help travelers of all needs.


Ask your Travelmation Travel Advisor about their certifications today! 

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Jordana Izzo

Meet the Director of Accessible Travel

Here at Travelmation, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel. We have a goal to help all travelers with accessibility needs experience the world. With the help of one of our Accessibility Travel Certified Advisors as well as preferred accessibility vendors, our agents have the knowledge and resources to help you Get Out There! There are certain accommodations and obstacles that come up outside of the day to day normalcy while traveling that we are here to help prepare you for. Our agents have the recommendations for what best meets the needs and expectations of our clients. We look forward to being part of your travel planning! 



Looking for a suitable vacation spot for your family that includes members with special needs can be a challenging task. The Podcast Crew discusses the best accessible travel destinations with a special guest, Jordana Izzo. Join them to learn more about the ideal vacation spots that cater to individuals with special needs!

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