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Abigail Conner

Abigail Conner.jpeg

Abigail grew up in front of her television, eating chicken nuggets and watching Sleeping Beauty on repeat. At age 5, she truly felt she was Cinderella. It wasn't until Abigail went to Disney World when she was 13 years old that she truly felt the meaning of "Disney magic." Since then, Abigail has traveled with her husband and has frequented Disney World for all major life events. She even travels while staying on a gluten-free diet due to Celiac Disease. Abigail is excited to specialize in multiple travel destinations that will give her clients a sense of magic and joy!


Abigail currently lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband, Aaron, and their 4lb Maltese, Hazel.


Favorite Resort - Disney's All Star Movies Resort

Favorite Attraction - Splash Mountain

Favorite Snack - Gluten Free Churros at Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom

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