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Abby Legg

Abby Legg.jpeg

Abby joined Travelmation in 2022 because of her love of all things Disney and travel. She has traveled all over the country with her family and believes that her most core memories growing up come from time spent together exploring somewhere new. 


Abby has personal experience on Disney Cruise Line and at Disney World, and cruising is her favorite way to travel! She enjoys road trips around the country as well, and has a goal to get to all 50 states by the time she is 30. Abby is excited to help you plan your next vacation! 


Abby lives in Gainesville, Ga with her husband Taylor.


Favorite Resort: Fort Wilderness Lodge and Campground 

Favorite Attraction: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 

Favorite Snack: Tonga Toast 

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